Mike Wilson, CSCS

Coach Mike Wilson is the owner of “The Forge at NoCO.” The concept of “The Forge” came from a story that was told to him about how samurai swords were forged through the process of heating and folding the metal. In the same manner, our main target is to continually “heat and fold” our client-athletes, as well as our relationships with them. 

The Forge specializes in sports performance at the youth, high school, and college level. We also cater to strength training and conditioning adult populations and special groups. The Forge is a great resource to athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. Priorities for sports performance and fitness at The Forge include emphasis’ on movement, mobility, stability, and strength. 

Coach Wilson’s athletic career extended over 15 years from the youth level all the way up to the college level. He was a four sport athlete in high school; excelling in football, wrestling, track, and baseball. He decided to play football in college and was a defensive back at Valparaiso University. 

His coaching career in the private education and business sector has extended over 14 years. He started as a graduate assistant for North Central College Football in 2006. He then became the defensive coordinator for Beloit College Football in 2008 and coached two separate times for a total of 8 seasons. In between his stints at Beloit College, he also coached at the University of Chicago Football in 2011. Coach Wilson spent two years as a defensive coaching mentor at Rockford Lutheran High School in Rockford, IL. Coach Wilson has been involved in working with strength and conditioning for football at all of these places. He has also worked strength and conditioning with other sports like volleyball, softball, track, soccer, lacrosse, and swimming. His most recent strength and conditioning project involved designing and implementing a strength program for 175 athletes and over 14 teams at VC United Elite Volleyball Club in Loves Park, IL. 

One of the top priorities for Coach Mike is transformational coaching. He believes in building-relationships with players to get top performance from them. His coaching principles include empowering his athletes to perform at their highest levels. Coach believes that players will always “fall to the level of their training,” so his training involves having a fine attention to detail and applying pressure to his experienced athletes. Coach Wilson is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Power Athlete Certified Coach. He is currently studying and applying cutting-edge concepts like the Constraints-Led Approach, while also emphasizing Old World concepts like “repetition without repetition.” 

Coach Wilson currently lives in Fort Collins, CO with his wife, Jessica, and their four children.